Perio Protect

The prescription Perio Tray is customized for individual patients with an internal seal that helps place medication deep below the gums so that the medication can fight the infectious bacteria.

This is important because brushing, rinsing, and flossing just can’t reach below the gums to manage the bacteria that cause the disease. You can’t cure gum disease but you need to manage it well or the bacteria will recolonize and continue the disease cycle. The Perio Tray was created to get medication deep beneath the gums and hold it there long enough to fight the bacterial communities (called biofilms). The Perio Tray is a unique prescription medical device that is used under the supervision of a dental professional for more effective and long-term gum disease treatment. The founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Perio Protect has a personal history that inspired the creation of the Perio Tray, and he has made it his mission to spread this less-invasive gum disease treatment option to as many patients as possible.

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